Delivery Policy

  • The customer will be delivered the goods at the destination point as per selected through the Application/Website.
  • If the customer has selected the Cash on delivery option, then the amount as given on the Application/Website has to be given to the respective delivery team by hand as cash upon delivery.
  • If the customer has used the online payment option to pay, then the payment reference has to be showed and verified to the respective delivery team upon delivery.
  • If any inconvenience /delay caused by any incorrect information provided by the customer regarding the delivery location, recipient contacts, Floor number, lift facility details, or any other details, which were filled in Application /website the same will be the responsibility of the customer only.
  • If applicable, the customer has to keep the invoice showing the value of the goods.
  • Once the trip has started by the delivery team the customer cannot change any details given while booking regarding the delivery location, contacts, or address.